Rob Horne (81,43), Adam Ashley-Cooper (48), Kurtley Beale (24), Bernard Foley (8)
Bernard Foley (61,18)
Bernard Foley (82,50,44,24,9)


Jaco Kriel (12)
Marnitz Boshoff (31,21)
Marnitz Boshoff (13)

Full Time

TRY, WARATAHS, HORNE! 41-13: Tahs go blindside with Alofa in space. Now back left, deep in the 22. Folau so close and he offloads to Horne who scores! Foley converts and that's that, a solid win for the Waratahs who have bigger things to come this season.

Brilliant from Folau as he rides the tackle and offloads to Naiyaravoro. Ball kicked through and Volmink gets back to recover. From the result lineout the Tahs put pressure on the Lions who knock on.

Tahs looking for an intercept as the Lions fling it wide towards the left touchline, before Volmink throws a definite forward pass. Two minutes to go.

Lions come all the way across to van Rensburg, not giving up. Knocked on again however, Tahs scrum. Wide through the hands from the Tahs but Folau's pass isn't quite on the money for Naiyaravoro as it flies into touch.

Scrum against the head from the Lions but then they knock on when attacking and Alofa clears. Huge chance there goes begging.

Free kick to the Lions. Nice pass over the top from Watermeyer and the Lions are in the 22. Advantage played as Hoiles intercepts, Palu offside. Tapped by Whiteley but Dreyer knocks on for a Tahs scrum deep in their 22. Messy end to this game.

Naiyaravoro on for his debut replacing Ashley-Cooper, as is Roach. Lions trying something through Watermeyer but his kick poor. Luckily Foley knocks on, so the Lions continue. Spreading the ball both ways but it goes forward, Tahs scrum on halfway.

Beale trying to run an inside line from the set-piece but the ball goes forward. Good intention and Folau was waiting for the final pass there to add to his try tally of nine for the season. Lions scrum.

Foley clears long but not out. Big run from Dreyer breaking tackles but he forces the final pass and it goes forward. Lions have struggled for continuity in this half.

Again not straight from Polota-Nau and the Lions from the scrum kick into the corner. Lineout is won but Phipps pass is nearly intercepted for a try! Lucky escape there.

More excellent defence from the Tahs as they disrupt the maul and then win the penalty as Robinson gets over the ball. Good scrapping even with the win secured.

Lions scrum on the Tahs 22 after a knock-on from Skelton. Things aren't going their way now though as the Tahs win a penalty and attack. Loose ball from Phipps and the Lions hack on, Alofa just getting back in time to secure it and go into touch. Five-metre lineout to the Lions.

PENALTY, WARATAHS, FOLEY! 34-13: More shine on the scoreline as Foley makes it six from six on the night with the boot.

A rarity as the Tahs win a scrum penalty. Central and 40 metres out, so Foley is going to have a shot.

Lions scrum dominance continues as they clear out to the 10-metre line from a penalty. Overthrown but the Tahs knock on trying to recover possession.

Turned over by the Tahs so the Lions have to start again. Big tackles in defence from Palu and it's turnover ball as Horne goes through again, but the ball is dislodged by Whiteley as he goes for the line! Super tackle by the Lions skipper there. Scrum deep in their 22.

Lions going backwards in attack but they win a penalty at the ruck with Robinson the guilty party. Boshoff kicks to the 22.

Lusaseni off for the Lions as they have a scrum deep in their own half. Hoiles on for Dennis as the Lions win a penalty and clear.

Ball secured but another Lions attack is snuffed out by Hooper. Lions down to 13 with a man being treated and the Tahs go wide, Folau reaching halfway. Polota-Nau makes ten metres with a carry, before the Tahs come left with numbers but they leave the ball behind. Lions recover but bundled into touch.

What have the Lions got left? The visitors are still full of running as Whiteley carries well and they get a penalty. Boshoff into the corner.

TRY, WARATAHS, ASHLEY-COOPER! 31-13: Super attacking move from the Tahs. Beale looks around the back of Hooper and his kick over the top starts a race which is won by Ashley-Cooper, who easily flops on the ball for the bonus point try. Floodgates opening here as Foley converts again.

Short lineout to Skelton is well defended by the Lions. Beale loses the ball forward and so the Tahs have possession and clear through Boshoff. He finds touch 40 metres from his line.

Yellow Card
YELLOW CARD, LIONS, VAN RENSBURG! Pressure from the Lions but the Tahs win the penalty at the ruck. Kicked into touch. Lineout won and Folau gets the Tahs flying as Carraro is away on the right but can't find the support. Penalty to the Tahs and van Rensburg is heading to the bin for killing the ball. Kicked into the corner...

Instant error from the restart as Foley's pass goes behind Carraro into touch. Great position for the Lions.

TRY, WARATAHS, HORNE! 24-13: Good turnover by the Tahs at the ruck as Skelton comes through. Penalty Tahs - advantage played as they come left into space. Horne cutting in on off his wing, stepping through tacklers on the angle and that's a great try! Fine finish from the winger. Foley converts.

Folau rises well above de Klerk and the Tahs attack with Foley passing out wide to the left. But Carraro is isolated and the Lions hold him up to swin the scrum.

Poor restart from Foley falls short, but Lusaseni plays on. Kicked long, too long, by Boshoff and the Tahs will drop out.

Both sides are back out on the field as Foley kicks off.

Half Time

Frustratingly not straight again from Polota-Nau so the Tahs won't add to their lead as we run off for half-time. Close contest and the Tahs are in control but not on the scoreboard with the Lions hot on their heels, the underdogs showing good tenacity early on. Can they keep the pressure on? Second half coming up.

Lions in possession by halfway as Boshoff kicks deep. Countered by Beale and the Lions start a run. Hooper wins a breakdown penalty and the Tahs have a few second left in the half - just getting into touch before the hooter sounds. Last chance of the half.

Maul is defended better by the Tahs but they concede a penalty, so the Lions go into the corner again. Trying to go wide and there's a fumble but no knock-on. De Klerk chips over the top but Beale is there so we'll have a dropout.

Breakdown penalty for the Lions on halfway as Botha taps and goes! Chip over the top from the full-back and the race is on, Phipps getting back to tidy up before Beale clears. Scare there for the Lions who are full of running now. High kick from Boshoff ends with Beale bundled into touch five metres from his line. Big chance for the Lions here to get the maul going.

Unexpectedly after his drop goal earlier, the kick from Boshoff falls short of the sticks. Waratahs clear back over halfway.

Restart just goes ten metres and as Hooper knocks on the Lions win a penalty on halfway. Tahs discipline costing them here as Boshoff lines up a shot from the halfway line!

PENALTY, LIONS, BOSHOFF! 17-13: Lions not going away here as the Tahs are offside at the maul. Boshoff lands his second penalty from out on the left.

74 percent possession for the Waratahs is a fair reflection of the game so far, but they only lead by seven. Turning scrum and de Klerk's poor pass is turned over. Tahs attack in the 22 but the pass is too far behind Polota-Nau as the Lions try to break out. Wide to Watermeyer who kicks through but Carraro clears up. Good territorial win for the Lions there.

Kicked long by the Lions and the Tahs return with interest, winning a penalty after a high tackle by Lusaseni on Beale. Kicked into the corner and the Tahs have a promising shot here. Lineout is not straight... scrum to the Lions.

Boshof out of nowhere launches a drop goal from 50 metres and it hits the cross bar! Heck of a strike. Tahs clear and the Lions have a lineout back in their own half.

TRY, WARATAHS, BEALE! 17-10: That's two for the Tahs! Foley cutting across puts a grubber back on the angle towards the posts and Beale is onside to scoop up and touch down. Well executed try.

Beale grubber causes some problems for the Lions but de Klerk clears up well. Kicked away and returned by Folau, Tahs on the attack at the 22. Skelton thunders his way up to five metres out. Scrum five.

PENALTY, LIONS, BOSHOFF! 10-10: Scrum penalty to the Lions as Ryan comes in on the angle. Chipped through by Boshoff and we're level again.

Ball lost forward by the Waratahs from the restart so the Lions have a scrum inside the hosts 22. Big chance here.

PENALTY, WARATAHS, FOLEY! 10-5: Easy chance and the Tahs lead by five.

...Folau cuts inside and the Tahs have an advantage. Back we come for it, right in front of the posts. Foley to have a shot.

Tahs pushed back into their 22 by Boshoff's kick. Lineout won and Foley clears long down the middle. Great strike but Botha counters into touch. Quick lineout; Tahs attacking down the left. Beale slipping tackles over the 22...

Lions lose possession from the restart, so the Tahs attack. Good penalty won by the Lions though as Robinson comes in from the side at the ruck with Carraro isolated. Boshoff clears.

TRY, LIONS, KRIEL! 7-7: Lusaseni takes the lineout and the Lions set up a drive. Just short with great control, can they score? Yes! Well worked set-piece maul, very effective and Kriel is at the bottom of the pile. Boshoff converts so we're all square.

Lineout won at the tail for the Lions and they get a penalty as the Tahs go offside. Boshoff kicks into the corner.

Lions restart, Foley sporting a bandage around his head after picking up a cut while scoring. He clears to touch back by halfway.

TRY, WARATAHS, FOLEY! 7-0: De Klerk looks to go wide with a pass for van Rensburg, but the execution is off and it flies into touch. Good position for the Tahs - nice wraparound releasing Horne into space. Good carry from Polota-Nau and the Tahs can strike here. Robinson just short, wide to the left... Foley is there! The fly-half reaches out to slam it down for the try. He also converts.

Boshoff gets the ball away but the Tahs are countering. Folau stepping his way forward and then there's a small knock-on from Phipps. Lions out of danger for now.

First scrum of the contest out on the left. Phipps has a go, recycled. To the left, Hooper pops a try-scoring pass to Horne but the ball is forward. Lions with the scrum as they hold out.

Early kicking battle won by the Tahs as the Lions chip into the hands of Phipps. Early attack for the hosts - good momentum as they near the 22. Skelton hammers a tackler away good hands to the left. Five metres out... Beale is held up, scrum five. Top start from the hosts.

Kick Off
Big roar as Dennis brings out the Waratahs. Boshoff will start the proceedings. Here we go!

A bright evening in Sydney with blues skies and lots of sunshine. Out come the Lions led by Whiteley.

Lions boss Johan Ackermann has made two changes, including a positional switch. The changes are in the back-line where JW Jonker comes in on the left wing for Anthony Volmink while Deon van Rensburg starts on the right wing and Chrysander Botha is at full-back.

Waratahs coach Michael Cheika has made just the one change to his starting line-up. After a standout performance off the bench in the win over the Hurricanes, the biggest player in the Waratahs squad, Will Skelton, will start for the sixth time this season. Jacques Potgieter drops back to the bench.

Hello and welcome to Sydney as the Waratahs host the touring Lions.

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