Gael Fickou (76), Yoann Huget (17,0)
Maxime Machenaud (69), Jean Marc Doussain (22,10)
Maxime Machenaud (78)


Luther Burrell (47), Mike Brown (36)
Alex Goode (72), Owen Farrell (42,5)
Owen Farrell (48)

Full Time

Only the scrum to go to close a phenomenal Test match. Dulin kicks the ball dead and that is that, France win in the Six Nations for the first time since 2012. An outstanding Test, with France getting the edge at the end. An absolute thriller.

Machenaud charged down but France recover, no mistake the second time. Morgan over halfway, time against the visitors now. Turnover for France, the hosts will have the scrum as the clock winds down.

TRY, FRANCE, FICKOU! 26-24: Patience pays off for France! What a time to score. Szarzewski runs into space, onto Fickou who fixes Goode and runs in to score! Thrilling stuff at the Stade de France. Machenaud converts from right in front. France lead!

Fickou on for Bastareaud. France surge left and Fofana is brought down. Time running out on France now in the wrong part of the pitch, risky chip from Dulin nearly falls Huget's way. Advantage to France, still in their half. Nyanga over halfway...

Fine run from Morgan and Goode then kicks long. France reply but Brown is there and goes high, Machenaud under it. France working the ball in their half and it backfires, Vunipola with a run but Cole knocks on. England in the right area.

PENALTY, ENGLAND, GOODE! 19-24: Five point lead restored with seven minutes left. Key restart now for England.

Good drives for England from Morgan and Youngs put them on the front foot. Up to the France 22, thundering drives and England have the advantage. Farrell out of the game for England, so Goode will kick the penalty.

PENALTY, FRANCE, MACHENAUD! 19-21: Simple strike from the replacement number nine, France close the gap to two.

Attwood on for Lawes, who has been frantic throughout. Scrum penalty to France, Cole popping right up and Machenaud will go for goal.

Overthrown lineout works for France. Robshaw there for the turnover but he then loses the ball forward in the tackle, so France will have a promising scrum.

Another scrum penalty for France, an area they have absolutely dominated today. Kick to touch, crucial period now for the hosts.

Nowell knocks on so France have the scrum inside their half. B.Vunipola and Twelvetrees off for Barritt and Morgan.

England can't execute the five metre lineout and France try to break, but the pass goes forward. Scrum to England on the far side just inside their half.

Smart kick from Dulin puts England back in their 22. Nowell though breaks for England with a searing run from the debutant, pushing France right back as Huget is forced to run Farrell's kick into touch.

Care departs following an excellent game for England. Free kick to France at the scrum, looking for an opening as Lawes clatters Dulin. Goode recovers a bouncing ball and clears, but France come again. Fofana over halfway.

Farrell with a scything run across the pitch, looking for a passer. Turned over though by France, but Nyanga can't quite gather the pass. Breathless heading into the final quarter.

Grubber from Care down the line relieves pressure. Reply from Machenaud returned by Farrell, with France kicking to touch. Taken quickly, more kicking as Huget goes high, Brown catching on halfway.

Machenaud breaks for France but his pass back is knocked on, so a scrum to England on the far side.

DROP GOAL, ENGLAND, CARE! 16-21: Super drive from England into the France 22 and with advantage played, Care chips over a simple drop goal. England up by five now as Youngs comes on.

Szarzewski with a touchline break but the defence is there and the ball then rolls into touch. Bastareaud from a standing start doesn't go too far. France with a small maul then Plisson clears. He coughs up the return kick, England attacking.

Launchbury dives on the loose ball so England attack now. Farrell over the top into the corner with a fine kick. England right on top now.

Good French scrum as Picamoles carries. High kick from Goode, super take by Dulin under the high ball. Cleared long but Nowell is there and returns the kick. Goode catches but knocks on, France on the attack.

France haven't scored for some time now and the crowd does their best to lift the team. Huget releasing Fofana but the centre is caught, Bastareaud with an error at the breakdown. England clear and Plisson is charged down, Care just unable to regather. Scrum to France in their 22. Thrilling stuff.

TRY, ENGLAND, BURRELL! 16-18: High kick from Twelvetrees comes back England's way through Robshaw. Super break from Vunipola and Burrell races away for a try on debut! Phenomenal start from England.

Lineout won by Maestri, France working the maul. Scrum though to England, choking the ball up there. French momentum not quite happening so far in this half.

Care clears from the restart. Plisson grubbers and is taken out but we play on, good run from Farrell onto Burrell. Burban wins the penalty at the breakdown for France, who will clear.

PENALTY, ENGLAND, FARRELL! 16-11: Gap cut to five points with a fine strike by Farrell.

43' try given, but England with the penalty five out. Farrell sensibly going for the posts.

Lineout won by Nyanga and Doussain kicks clear. Vunipola through three and Brown runs wells, England in the 22. Vunipola again, then Goode up to five metres out. Lawes just short, Farrell so close. Advantage played, Care dives for the line... upstairs to the TMO.

Vunipola with a quick lineout and Farrell produces a sharp kick to pin France back into the corner.

Farrell begins the second half, with England trailing by eight.

Half Time

Advantage for England, Picamoles not rolling away. Advantage now over as England surge on, Farrell tries a drop goal but misses it to the right. France ahead by eight at the interval in a thrilling first half. Bring on the second.

Nowell with a high take for England who are now on the front foot. Kick across brilliantly taken by Huget. Nowell and Dulin exchanging kicks so England will have one final lineout.

TRY, ENGLAND, BROWN! 16-8: England have a lifeline. Loose ball goes to the left but Vunipola has the time to release Brown who dots down in the corner. Farrell misses the conversion.

Twelvetrees with a bust as England reach the 22. Up to the five metre line, Cole with a carry and then Burrell. France turn over and Dulin finds relief with a kick to touch.

Turnover from England at the ruck and they attack until Le Roux makes a key play at the breakdown. Nyanga breaks but Farrell intercepts, his kick going deep before Picamoles hashes it into touch. Good position for England, who must score next.

English defence holding firm for now against Dulin and Fofana, as France build the phases. Picamoles down the line with an absurd offload but Dulin cannot gather the kick as it bounces off the flag into touch.

More problems for England at the scrum, missing the strike and France win the penalty. Plisson finds a good touch.

Plisson clears to touch but England go quick. Nowell trying to run but his pass is intercepted by Medard. Doussain knocks on, England scrum in the France half.

Doussain's kick to touch from the penalty misses, with Goode touching down for a dropout. Farrell drops out and England have it on halfway. Lawes making good yardage and offloading to Brown. Goode nips round the blindside from Brown's offload but he's crunched by two tacklers to knock the ball on near the line.

England back up near the French 22 but Wood is turned over, France winning the penalty. Excellent start from the hosts so far.

PENALTY, FRANCE, DOUSSAIN! 16-3: Cole goes straight to ground at the scrum and Doussain kicks for goal, landing his second penalty. England well adrift now.

Pressure from England on the breakdown but France recover, kicking across but Brown is there for the take, knocking on in the process. French scrum on the far side in England's half.

21' punishment, so England have the lineout. The kick though flies straight out into touch, a key unforced error making England's task harder.

France's kicking game getting the better of England here, clever chips behind the defence catching the visitors out. A scuffle breaks out with Wood and Picamoles at the centre. Upstairs to the TMO...

TRY, FRANCE, HUGET! 13-3: Plisson kicks to Goode, the replacement gets over halfway. Thundering run from Marler, but Wood loses the ball in contact. Huget races clear outside Goode, inside ball to Dulin who chips ahead and is taken out. Ball falls Huget's way and he's over again! Superb half for the Toulouse winger so far and England have work to do.

English maul working hard, Wood bursting off the base. Farrell across field for Nowell but Dulin gets there first, tackled in the air and France have the penalty. Plisson clears to touch.

Lineout poached by Lawes and England clear. Dulin coughs up a high ball and England counter, Wood with a wide pass and Huget scrambles it away into touch. Promising position for England.

English lineout on the France 22. Good tackle on Burrell by Fofana, Vunipola carrying once more. Dropped by Vunipola and Huget hacks on, Care securing the ball. Box kick relieves the pressure. Bastareaud counters with a smart grubber as Goode is forced to carry the ball into touch.

PENALTY, FRANCE, DOUSSAIN! 8-3: Simple shot for Doussain and France's lead is back to five points.

Tense times from England as they scramble the lineout and then Farrell clears into touch. Great position for France deep in the English 22. They opt for the maul... advantage played, nothing coming so we come back for the penalty. May is off for England, replaced by Goode.

Dangerous passing from England outside their 22, but they recover and kick long. Nowell caught out by a cross-field kick - France right on the attack in the English 22. Fofana tries to scurry down the blindside but advantage is over, so it's an English lineout as he goes into touch.

PENALTY, ENGLAND, FARRELL! 5-3: The visitors are on the board, Farrell landing the kick from a tight angle out on the right.

Advantage to England for not releasing, Farrell sensibly opting to go for the posts.

England lineout outside the France 22. Carries from Vunipola and a clever run by May put England into a good position. Launchbury clings on as Twelvetrees carries, England over ten phases...

TRY, FRANCE, HUGET! 5-0: Ball lost by England from the kick off so France attack. Kick from Plisson and Brown is caught out, Huget pouncing to score! Sensational start from the hosts. Doussain misses the conversion.

Kick Off
Two rousing anthems from both sets of players and it's time to begin. This should be epic. Jules Plisson to get us underway.

Paris was belted with rain overnight and this morning but that has now stopped, meaning the skies are clear at the Stade de France. Ten minutes until kickoff.

Uncapped duo Luther Burrell and Jack Nowell will both start for England when they take on France. They will be joined by Gloucester wing Jonny May, who will win his second cap at Stade de France, and Danny Care - starting his first game for England since playing Italy in last year's tournament.

Uncapped Stade Français fly-half Jules Plisson will partner Toulouse scrum-half Jean-Marc Doussain in what will be the tenth different half-back combination tried out by Phillipe Saint-André since he took over two years ago. Mathieu Bastareaud starts in place of Florian Fritz and Maxime Médard comes in for the crocked Sofiane Guitoune. Alexandre Flanquart joins the second row. Louis Picamoles returns to the starting side at number eight in a back-row featuring Bernard Le Roux and Yannick Nyanga

Hello and welcome to the Stade de France on the outskirts of Paris. It's time for Le Crunch! England have arrived feeling confident as they face a French side seeking to kick-start their year after wretched 2013. Kick-off is approaching, don't go away!

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